In August, Flextronics is launching ThanX – our global employee recognition and rewards program. Built on new technology to make recognition fast and easy, ThanX powers our “One Flex” culture by offering employee recognition around the world. Now, all Flextronics employees will be able to recognize each other through one program at all global locations.

The New ThanX

Key features of the ThanX recognition program include:
  • One global recognition program for all Flextronics employees
  • Emphasis on the Flextronics Key Values as reasons for recognition and reward
  • The ability for anyone to recognize anyone else, anywhere in Flextronics, via the online platform, free mobile app, or a paper-based nomination process
  • Thousands of reward choices around the world, from shopping, to dining, to travel and adventure
  • A free, full-function mobile app to take ThanX wherever you are

You are now able to recognize a colleague anytime, anywhere, when you see them demonstrate one of our Flextronics Key Values. You can even recognize people in other locations or teams whom you’ve seen power the success of Flextronics and our customers.

Recognize Others and Be Recognized

ThanX is designed to make the employee recognition experience fresh, engaging, simple and memorable. ThanX recognition will also focus on acknowledging both what was achieved as well as how it was done by aligning all recognition awards with the key values.

When you’re recognized by others through ThanX, you’ll receive an award notification, including a detailed message about the importance of your contribution. Knowing that the work we do every day positively impacts others, our customers and our company makes Flextronics a great place to do great work.